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The webinar is focused on boosting your service offerings and revenue while providing your customers with what they need most: secure communication.

Why is this important?
Depending on what industries you operate in, some of your clients already require additional protection for their email communications, but more and more companies across all industries are actively seeking ways to communicate securely online. In this webinar, we’ll explain how you can help them do this and also gain additional high-margin revenue from this.
As a Microsoft partner, you understand the value of a strong cybersecurity strategy for your customers.

That’s why we are pleased to present:

Secured Mail, a powerful solution that ensures the security of email communications and enables you to capitalize extra on your current customer base.

Moreover, this is the only EU qualified trust service in the Netherlands for email services with a QERDS solution, which also gives you an additional differentiation from your competitors.

What is in it for you

  • Discover how “Secured Mail” can be easily integrated into your customers’ existing Microsoft environment.
  • Learn how this solution adds an extra layer of security to email communications.
  • Understand the difference from “failure-prone” mail plug-ins.
  • Discover how you can use “Secured Mail” to outpace the competition and generate new revenue opportunities.
  • Understanding multiple Secure Communication services such as Registered Email, Secure Sending of Large Files (250GB) and Digital Signature.

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  • Philip Voogt

    Philip Voogt

    Director Co-Founder
    Aangetekend BV